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New J. Huesa water treatment facilities

J. Huesa Water Technology company, one of the leaders in the water treatment sector, and one of the first companies in Spain with a certificate in corporate social responsibility, has expanded its productive surface to increase its productive capacity and efficiency.

The new facilities of J. Huesa, occupy a total of 3,000 m2, thus tripling the useful area with the previously counted. In addition, they have been able to increase the number of employees of the company to more than 50 workers in the last year.


To learn more about what this change has meant to J. Huesa Water Technology, we have briefly surveyed Pedro Huesa Cobo, who will detail us on some aspects relevant to the new changes that this new headquarters entails.

Hi Pedro, We would like to know what was the approach that led to the decision to build this new factory.

The main signal that marked the need to expand the size of our facilities, was the growth of the company and the number and size of the projects that have been developed in recent years.

The company had two warehouses of 500 m2 of useful surface each one and this new change, supposed a great jump in what refers to productive space. Above all, we were limited to the parallel manufacturing of large-volume treatment plants or containerized plants, from which we have acquired a high degree of specialization.

In productive aspects, what differentiates this factory with the old water treatment facilities?

The new headquarters of J. Huesa Water Technology has a total area of ​​3,000 m2, of which about 2,700 square meters are a workshop plus a storage area and 300 square meters of office on the ground floor plus 300 square meters of offices upstairs.

The workshop has an area dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of electrical panels, a warehouse of spare parts, components and chemical products, as well as different areas for the realization of welding work, realization of structures and other highly specialized tasks.

One of the main improvements at the productive level has been the incorporation of a 10 ton crane bridge for loading and unloading materials as well as greater adaptability to projects that are containerized.

This new factory for water treatment equipment allows us to have a large number of meeting rooms to serve our customers and suppliers, an office area so that our workers can be comfortable during break times, green areas, a dedicated area a laboratory for R&D and space reserved for the testing of water treatment plants (“FAT” Factory Acceptance Test).

With this change of headquarters, J. Huesa Water Technology is strongly committed to the improvement and well-being of its workers. These renovated water treatment facilities maintain their headquarters in Bollullos de la Mitación, Seville.

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