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To round out J. Huesa’s activities, we have an after-sales department, specialized in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of water treatment facilities. 

Our working maxim is to offer our customers personalized services, with the premise of improving the facility’s performance from a technical, economic, and environmental standpoint. 

Plant audits can originate from a variety of problems, either because the plant is not meeting feed water or process water quality requirements, or because the quality of the effluent produced does not comply with the parameters necessary for it to be discharged to the water system or collector. Both cases involve economic losses due to production stoppages of companies that require water treatment.

J. Huesa’s after-sales technical staff is highly qualified to carry out water plant audits. The main objective of the audit is to identify the problem, evaluating the facility and verifying the operation of its equipment.

“We offer personalized attention to all our customers”

Once the audit is completed, a detailed report of the plant’s current situation is delivered to the customer, along with the necessary improvements to be implemented for correct operation and process optimization.

The cycle of a water treatment plant audit can be summarized as follows:

  • Search for improvements, facility malfunction, production stoppage, or financial penalty
  • Data Analysis
  • Technician visit
  • Facility check (verification of equipment operation and collection of samples)
  • Laboratory analysis and/or piloting
  • Troubleshooting and conclusions
  • Audit Report
  • Proposed Improvements:
    • Water treatment plant reform
    • Plant capacity expansion
    • New water treatment equipment proposal

Specialists in integral water cycle management