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Generally, wastewater refers to water that is contaminated and therefore cannot be dumped into a public waterway. In particular, it is necessary to distinguish between water contaminated by human waste, known as urban water, and industrial water, which has a high load of pollutants from industrial activity.

J. Huesa specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, and O&M of wastewater treatment plants, both for industrial effluents (Effluent Treatment Plants or ETP) and urban water.

Aware of the importance of industrial water treatment, we use state-of-the-art technologies, as well as those that are standard in the market, with a two-part goal:

    • That our customers comply with the legislation that applies to them according to their sector.
    • To minimize the environmental impact of our customers’ activity by significantly reducing the amount of wastewater sent to WWTPs for subsequent treatment.

The following are some of the plants we have executed in different sectors:

Reverse Osmosis
Sludge Treatment
Compact Wastewater Treatment
Physical- Chemical

J. Huesa  wastewater treatment experts

J. Huesa, has a multidisciplinary work team specialised in the execution of turnkey projects of wastewater treatment plants. We also offer a complete after-sales service. All of this in compliance with the legislation applicable in each specific case.