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Custom manufacturing of water treatment facilities

One of the vital components of J. Huesa is our production center, equipped with highly qualified personnel and proven experience in the manufacturing and assembly of all the electromechanical elements that make up a water treatment plant, which allows us to guarantee the quality of each stage of the manufacturing and assembly of the project. 

All this is made possible by a team of professionals including welders, assemblers, pipe fitters, electricians, and mechanics.

Main lines of work:

  • Manufacture of customized equipment based on detailed engineering.
  • Manufacture of electrical panels and electromechanical uses.
  • Inspection Point Program (IPP): as part of our quality assurance procedure for manufacturing tasks, we have implemented the corresponding Inspection Point Programs, which we make available to our customers.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test): All of the equipment we manufacture in our workshops undergoes rigorous quality controls to verify and guarantee compliance with the technical manufacturing and operation specifications.
  • Declaration of compliance and CE marking: All our equipment complies with current regulations and, as proof of this, we issue the corresponding declarations of compliance and CE marking.
  • Preparation and delivery of operation and function manuals.

"Specialists in the manufacture of customized water treatment plants"