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Generate wealth in society, being a lighthouse in the ocean of water


J. Huesa is a flagship company in the water treatment sector

with respect to design, production, execution, and after-sales service of all products and services associated with the integral water cycle, with absolute respect for compliance with legislation and good professional practices. All while paying continuous attention to the expectations of customers, employees, suppliers, and collaborators; the prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment.


J. Huesa wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet, especially in the world of water,

positioning ourselves as a sole supplier to our customers, both nationally and internationally. Our goal is to contribute added value to your processes and cover all your needs related to the Integral Water Cycle; consolidate what has been achieved so far, and improve the governance of our company. And, to continue to meet the expectations of the other stakeholders in our business: society, management, employees, suppliers, and partners.

The cornerstone of our Corporate Policy

is based on the following VALUES:

  • Customer-oriented: active listening, personalized attention, and prioritization of service.
  • R&D&I: the search for innovation and continuous improvement as a competitive advantage.
  • Professionalism: excellent quality indexes and excellence in products and services.
  • Transparency and good governance: through a fluid communication system with stakeholders and assurance of compliance with current legislation at all times.
  • Health and safety: commitment to the protection of our employees, suppliers, and customers.
  • Promoting professional development of human capital: through the implementation of training and employability policies.
  • Commitment to sustainable development, the environment, and the social context surrounding our activities.