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Global turnkey or EPC solutions

J. Huesa offers its customers the personnel and experience acquired throughout its professional trajectory in order to provide global turnkey/EPC solutions, executing all the tasks from the initial project feasibility study to the facility start-up. The fact that we have our own production center streamlines our response, both in terms of timeliness and effectiveness.

These types of projects include, among others, the following stages:

  • Feasibility study of the project, taking into account the initial starting conditions, local factors, and current regulations.
  • Project design by a team of engineers including but not limited to conceptual, basic, detail, and civil engineers, who seek the technical-economic solution underlying each project.
  • Customized manufacturing in our production center according to the technical specifications required of the project.
  • Supply and installation of the water treatment plant.
  • Commissioning: once the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) has been performed, guaranteeing that the equipment complies with the requirements and specifications established in the project guidelines, the facility is put into operation. All facilities come with their corresponding operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Remote-controlled operational monitoring and follow-up.
  • Training: another of J. Huesa’s added values with such solutions is the offer of a complete training program for the personnel in charge of these facilities, including management, operation, and maintenance training.

“Additionally, the fact that J. Huesa's has an after-sales department, allows us to offer a complete range of services associated with turnkey projects, with a complete training program for the personnel in charge of the facilities in all matters related to their management, operation, and maintenance. In addition, if necessary, we will provide you with O&M personnel".