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R&D&I to add value and support businesses

One of the priorities of J. Huesa’s strategic plan is the development of R&D&I projects with the aim of adding value and supporting businesses, leading innovation and technological development while safeguarding the environment.

This decision is in line with our firm commitment to stay up-to-date with new technologies in terms of knowledge, operation, and optimization, with the aim of providing a complete response to water treatment in the industrial sector, taking into account the specific characteristics of each project and subsector individually.

Additionally, the fact that J. Huesa has its own laboratory and qualified personnel makes possible, not only the plant’s manufacture and design, but also its daily operation and the corresponding sampling and analytical controls. We have the resources necessary to execute pilots at laboratory and semi-industrial scale.

We actively collaborate with different research entities worldwide, promoting research, design and manufacturing of pilot plants, development of new technologies and processes, and optimization of existing ones.