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In J. Huesa is aware of the important role water plays in our planet’s life, and its scarcity, which is why throughout our evolution as a company we have worked toward more efficient industrial water management.

By efficient management we mean management that promotes a lower environmental impact, encouraging sustainable use and reuse.
Our extensive experience in the water treatment sector allows us to offer customized solutions for the integral water cycle.

A fundamental part of this process, and one that underpins the company’s mission, is the reuse or regeneration of water.

In compliance with RD 1620/2007 on Reuse of Purified Water, we offer water regeneration systems that allow reuse for industrial, urban, and agricultural use.

Some examples of J. Huesa works:

J. Huesa, especialists in water reuse

J. Huesa, has a multidisciplinary work team that has all the necessary resources to meet the needs of the integration of water in the circular economy, promoting its regeneration and the environmental conservation.