Manufacturing and assembly of water treatment plants


A key part of J. Huesa is our production centre, which boasts highly qualified staff and tried and tested experience in the manufacture and assembly of all the elements that comprise a water treatment plant.


Main areas of work:


1. Manufacturing Systems to measure, according to the needs of the end client

2. Assembling the components following the Building Plans and the P&ID

3. Manufacturing Electrical Enclosures and Programming Machines (PLC, HMI and SCADA systems)

4. Inspection Points Programmes (IPPs):

As part of our Quality Assurance Procedure for manufacturing tasks, we have implemented the relevant Inspection Points Programmes, which we make available to our clients.

5. FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests):

This refers to our quality controls, which are performed on all systems we manufacture at our workshops to check and guarantee that they meet technical manufacturing specifications.

6. SATs (Site Acceptance Tests):

Quality controls performed on our systems at client facilities before delivering and implementing them, following our own protocols for checking.

7. Declaration of Conformity and CE Marking:

All the systems we manufacture meet Current Legislation in this matter, and as proof of this, we issue the corresponding declarations of conformity and CE marking.

8. Writing and Delivering Operating Manuals

Specialists in the manufacture of water treatment facilities to measure