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Water is widely used in industry and is rarely found in the right conditions for direct incorporation into processes. The quality requirements vary depending on the industrial activity and the extent to which water is used.

In order to adapt water to the production process needs, it is necessary to install Water Treatment Plants (WTPs).

J. Huesa, thanks to its broad portfolio of technologies, is specialized in the execution of turnkey projects for process water treatment plants. These water treatment facilities are developed with the economic and operational optimum of our customers in mind, while safeguarding the environment through prioritizing responsible water consumption.

The following are some examples of water treatment plants executed by J. Huesa.

Physical – Chemical
Reverse Osmosis
Sludge Treatment
Ion Exchange

J. Huesa, specialists in industrial process waters

J. Huesa, has a multidisciplinary work team that has all the necessary resources to meet the drinking water treatment needs of any area, including the study, design, manufacture, assembly, start-up, operation, and maintenance of facilities.