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J. Huesa assumes the task of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part of its work, optimizing resources and carrying out actions with a high social component. For us, being socially responsible is not only about the legal aspects. Our commitment goes far beyond that. Being socially responsible means investing in human capital, environmental sustainability, and relationships. This type of responsibility requires that we have a proactive attitude.

In our company we encourage the exemplary behavior of each and every one of our employees, as well as that of every person that makes up our company. All of us must comply with the guidelines contained in our Code of Conduct in order to strengthen our ethical, social, and environmental commitment.

J. Huesa is developing a social action plan in diverse areas related to water, and other areas. We support actions related to culture, sports, and other social actions that respond to the interests of citizens.

As stated by the United Nations, global water consumption, which currently doubles every 20 years, will increase by more than 30% by 2040. This poses a major challenge for companies, as well as for humanity in general. That is why, in 2015, world leaders created a total of 17 goals to be achieved within 15 years, with a single purpose: to make this world a better place. The 6th of these objectives concerns water, and seeks to achieve “water free of impurities and accessible to all”. To meet this goal, 8 targets have been defined for 2030 in which J. Huesa is heavily implicated.

We have established several essential and principles that we must comply with in order to improve our commitment to responsibility:

  • Respect for the environment. Given our professional activities, we promote awareness of environmental friendliness. In this day and age, this factor has become a social imperative, not just a personal decision. At J. Huesa, we integrate the environmental variable in all of our business decisions in order to comply with this principle.
  • Socially responsible investment in innovation is a fundamental building block of our industry. We are therefore committed to promoting it in a responsible manner. Promoting research in the development of new technologies.
  • Responsible HR management and employment advancement. In our company, interpersonal relations are a decisive factor for the successful operation of our company. For this reason, we are committed to focusing on the good treatment of our personnel, as well as on advancing employment. Offering training to our employees, maintaining stable employment, and staying committed to professional development.
  • Development cooperation. In J. Huesa is committed to social action to help the most disadvantaged and support different organizations in their social work.