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To round out J. Huesa’s activities, we have an after-sales department, specialized in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of water treatment facilities.

Our working maxim is to offer our customers personalized services, with the premise of improving the facility’s performance from a technical, economic, and environmental standpoint.

J. Huesa puts the knowledge acquired through 50 years of experience in the integral water cycle at your disposal, in order to offer you the best environmental consulting on water. We carry out a detailed analysis of all the variables that influence each project we study, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing the best technological solution from a technical, economic, and environmental standpoint.

“We offer personalized attention to all our customers”

What does our consultation entail?:

  • Gathering of data on the current facility operation and requirements.
  • Study of source water, feed water, and wastewater characteristics.
  • Conducting a water balance of the facilities.
  • Study of applicable legislation.
  •  Detailed report on the best technological solution available.
  • Consulting on administration or corresponding authority response regarding water.
  • Water consulting in order to obtain the AAI [Integral Environmental Authorization] and preparation of the environmental impact study.

Once we have installed and started running our water treatment facilities, we consider it essential that the resources that are going towards managing it include the knowledge necessary to get the most out of the investment that has been made. In order to meet this need, we organize, at a national and international level, customized training for each of our customers in order to optimize facility maintenance and operating costs, and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Specialists in Integral Water Cycle management