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To round out J. Huesa’s activities, we have an after-sales department, specialized in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of water treatment facilities.

Our working maxim is to offer our customers personalized services, with the premise of improving the facility’s performance from a technical, economic, and environmental standpoint.

Like any machine, each piece of equipment that makes up the water treatment facility requires periodic servicing and careful treatment. When properly maintained, it will respond satisfactorily to the work entrusted to it. Our extensively experienced technical team will take care of keeping the equipment in the best operating conditions.

Preventive Maintenance is carried out through the development of a maintenance plan which is adapted to the requirements of each facility, in which a series of visits are scheduled, corresponding to the necessary timeline, and depending on the client’s needs and the scope of the contracted service.

During such visits, the technician will review the key points of the installation and perform the following activities with the ultimate goal of optimizing the processes and keeping the plant up to date:

“We offer personalized attention to all our customers”

  • Visual inspection of facilities and writing of a report
  • Verification of meters and instrument calibration
  • Definition of ideal operating parameters
  • On-site measurement of main parameters
  • Process level follow-up and advice
  • Verification of the correct operation of all the plant’s equipment
  • Checking the condition of plant consumables (filters, pre-filters, membranes, casings, etc.)
  • On-site process data collection: flow rates, working pressures, design adjustments, … 
  • Supervision of preventive and corrective maintenance tasks performed by plant personnel
  • Collection, sampling, and analytical control
  • Continuous training of all personnel in charge of maintaining equipment and the correct management of the facility
  • Technical management: technical consulting for the improvement of existing facilities and processing of data obtained for plant performance study
  •  Supply of consumables and components
  • Chemical treatment
  • Other services associated with chemical treatment
  • Telecontrol and online surveillance

Corrective Maintenance:

Providing a rapid response to any electromechanical anomaly that may arise in the water facilities, both our own systems or pre-existing ones, is indispensable for J.Huesa, in order to minimize losses due to production stoppages.

The qualification and continuous training of our technicians makes it possible to provide this service with the highest guarantee through the repair or replacement of necessary components.

It may happen that, during this intervention, it is detected that the facility requires a new adjustment or re-engineering, or even a preventive maintenance program to avoid the recurrence of such anomalies.

Specialists in Integral Water Cycle management