Technology used for the treatment of liquid industrial wastes that contain concentrated amounts of contaminants, resulting in the minimization of these wastes.
The water produced is usually of a quality sufficient for reuse in industrial processes.
Sometimes a refining treatment of the distillates is required to achieve the desired quality.

A wide variety of evaporation processes are available on the market, among which the following are worth mentioning:

  • Atmospheric
  • Multi-effect evaporation
  • Mechanical vapor compression
  • Heat pump

This technology is essential in sectors that want to implement a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) treatment system, in combination with other technologies, either after wastewater pretreatment or combined with crystallization.

In different sectors and uses there may be an excess of thermal energy (hot water, vapors, combustion gases, biogas…) that can be reused as the evaporation heat source, reducing operating costs significantly.


Its use is widespread for wastewater treatment in the following sectors, provided that the distillation results justify its installation, since it is not an economical technology:

  • Leachate Treatment
  • Surface treatment industry
  • Effluents with high non-biodegradable or refractory contaminant load
  • Effluents with high salinity
  • Effluents with high oil and HC content
  • Effluents with high heavy metal content


  • High quality distillate
  • Minimizes waste generation (ZLD)
  • Reuse of water in production processes