After sale

To complete J. HUESA’s activity we rely on our After-Sale Department, which specialises in the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of water facilities. Our working maxim is to offer our clients personalised services, with the objective of improving the facility’s performance from the technical, economic and environmental points of view.

Main areas of Activity:

“We offer all our clients personal attention”
Auditing Plants

The aim is to identify the problem, assess the facility and check the proper functioning of the water treatment systems installed, in order to guarantee and optimise their operation. This focuses on getting to know the situation and current state of facilities to evaluate their performance and consumption, with a view to proposing any extensions or improvements.

Worth noting are the characterisation of inflow and waste water, and industrial and laboratory piloting.


We have technical staff qualified to operate your facilities day to day, as well as supplying chemical products, managing consumables and replacements required.

Specialised Technical Assistance (STA)

We perform operational monitoring, consulting and Water Treatment systems control tasks to achieve their optimal operation and durability through scheduled visits targeted to the needs of each facility.

Corrective Maintenance or Technical Assistance Service (TAS)

Rapid response in resolving any electromechanical faults that may arise in your facilities, by repairing or replacing component parts.

Collection, Sampling and Analytic Control

Operations that enable us to quantify and customise the operation of the water facility in order to propose operational improvements.

Supplying Chemical Reagents, Consumables and Parts

Among chemicals the following distinction is to be made:

6.1 Chemicals for Process Water

a. Anti-fouling products

b. Sequestrants

c. Biocides

d. Membrane cleaning products

6.2 Chemicals for Wastewater:

a. Organic, inorganic and combined coagulants

b. Powder and emulsion flocculants

c. Anti-foaming agents

Treatment of Steam Boilers

We provide our clients the technical service necessary to ensure the success of the treatments we offer, by implementing products that are easy to handle, which reduce treatment costs and diminish the typical problems boilers have (scale, corrosion and biofouling, among others).

Waste Management

We work with the main managers of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, so we are in a position to offer you the best collection and management system