Areas of Activity

J.HUESA’s extensive experience in the water sector, after 4 decades working in the sector, has enabled us, along with our experience in R&D&I in the sector, to specialise in Water Treatment no matter where the water comes from and what it is to be used for. In summary, we offer solutions made to measure for Water Cycle Management, by selecting and combining the most suitable technologies depending on the sector involved and the problem we are faced with.


For J. HUESA the Expansion Policy is an essential pre-requisite for the company’s growth and consolidation, a reason for which we are now working tirelessly to develop the company internationally. We have supplied, installed and implemented water treatment facilities in various countries, among which we highlight Morocco, Syria, Portugal, France, Chile, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea and Israel, and we are currently carrying out projects in other countries in Africa, Europe and South America.

SECTORES EN INGLES - Areas of Activity